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A new Dragon Quest game is coming to mobile

A reveal livestream is planned for January 18.
dragon quest mobile game teaser
Credit: Square Enix

A new mobile Dragon Quest game from Square Enix is coming.

A livestream unveiling more about the game will occur on January 18.

At present, very little is known about the game. We’re not even sure what genre it is or if it is getting a global release.

In fact, the game’s Twitter account is currently running a contest for fans (Japan only) where people attempt to guess what genre the game will be.

Our hope is that the new Dragon Quest mobile game will be a traditional JRPG. But we’ll have to wait for the 18th to learn more.

One Twitter user has a pretty unique idea for the new game, however.

They analyzed the logos of all current Dragon Quest games and believe the new game will be related to Dragon Quest II.

Dragon Quest II was released back in 1987. It was an 8-bit RPG game that eventually saw a North American release in 1990.

We doubt the new game will be a direct port, but if this theory is true, we may see DQ II characters and story themes in the new mobile game.

If you are interested in this new mobile Dragon Quest game, bookmark this page to watch the livestream trailer when it goes live.

Let’s all just hope this game won’t be a blatant cash grab.

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