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A new rhythm-based fishing game hits Android and iOS this month

The concept behind Fishing Island is wacky, but might be worth checking out when it releases.
fish island mobile game showing a fishing game
Credit: VALOFE

Yes, you read that headline correctly. If you love both *checks notes* fishing and dancing, we have some great news for you. Fishing Island: Fishing Paradise releases this month.

It will be available in the SEA region, which means US gamers are most likely going to need to use something like TapTap to download the game.

For players interested, the game seems to feature a bunch of different mechanics. Including fishing (obviously), rhythm-based combat, and different equipment upgrades.

Screenshots show a ton of different levels and enemies in the fishing game, but it will be interesting to see how pay-to-win (P2W) it is in the long run. Often, these types of games lean heavily on paid systems.

There’s also mention of Tiamat, a “divine beast of darkness,” so it’s clear that this game is going to be more than just a fishing game with rhythm elements.

Fish Island: Fishing Paradise launches on September 21, and you can use the official launch code GTXNMIG8Q5PC to get a bunch of free items.

It seems download links are unavailable at this time, but we’ll update this section when they are.

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