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Affiliate Disclaimer and Ad Disclosures

At MobileBytesGG, one way we are able to maintain the site and continue to update it with mobile game news, reviews, and guides is through the use of affiliate marketing.

Essentially, this means that when you click on some of our links, we potentially make a small amount of money on these links. These could be links to buy games or links to download certain apps.

Affiliate marketing is a common method of earning money on the internet. When we include an affiliate link, we have faith that the location we are sending you is safe. Additionally, we only use affiliate partners that value your information and strive to keep it safe.

We also make it clear in each post if affiliate links are present in the article. We are not here to trick anyone and strive to make it clear that a post includes affiliate or sponsored links.

MobileBytesGG works with Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This program uses links to promote Amazon products. Users that click on one of these links are taken to Amazon. If a user makes a purchase after clicking an affiliate link, MobileBytesGG may receive a percentage of the sale.

Ads, review products, and more

MobileBytesGG may occasionally receive review products. These review products do not always have to be sent back. That said, MobileBytesGG’s reviews are not influenced by receiving said products. If we don’t like a product, we will make that clear in our review.

The website uses Google Adsense as a way to generate money. That means that when visiting MobileBytesGG, you will occasionally see banner ads and other forms of advertisement on the website.

We try our best to minimize the number of ads you see and pride ourselves on not throwing too many ads in your face. We value you and want your experience to be great. That said, ads help us support current and upcoming content.

Thanks so much – Josiah and Chancelor