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Age of Empires is coming to Android and iOS

Can Age of Empires find a home on your phone?
age of empires mobile logo on fantasy village background
Credit: Microsoft

Age of Empires is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, and to mark the occasion, Microsoft has announced a new mobile game.

Almost nothing is known about Age of Empires Mobile at this time. But, we do know that it is being made by in-house studio World’s Edge.

World’s Edge is also responsible for the awesome Age of Empires 4. That does bolster our confidence in a mobile AoE experience a bit.

Watch the Age of Empires Mobile trailer

Microsoft has dabbled with mobile AoE games in the past, but that was years ago on Microsoft-branded phones. They also were mere shells of the full games.

While little is known about the new game, we expect that it will be a much more robust effort. Microsoft and Xbox are putting an increased effort into their mobile expansion, and this could be a great jumping-off point.

When will Age of Empires Mobile release?

At present, we don’t have any information regarding a release date. We only know that it is “coming soon.”

We also don’t know what platforms it will be on or how gameplay will be.

But, despite knowing very little about the actual game, we’re still excited about the potential.

Age of Empires is a classic series that we’ve been enjoying for decades, and we will always welcome a new mobile experience.

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