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When does Age of Empires Mobile come out?

Age of Empires is getting a mobile game, but when can we actually play it?
age of empires logo and scenery
Credit: Microsoft

Recently, Microsoft announced that Age of Empires was getting a new mobile game. But when is the release date?

We’ll cut to the chase. Currently, Age of Empires Mobile does not have a release date as of February 2023.

But, we’re hopeful that the game will release before the end of the year.

Age of Empires Mobile release date: Updates (February 2023)

As of 11/2/2022, Discord and Facebook groups are now live and the game is confirmed for a 2023 release.

In the announcement trailer linked above, it is revealed that the game is coming “soon.”

Typically, developers avoid the word “soon” unless a release date is on the horizon. We believe that the game will release during the holidays this year, or by March of 2023.

That gives the developers an almost six-month buffer period to release its mobile AoE offering.

Anything over that would push the game into a much longer timeframe, which we don’t believe encompasses the term “soon.”

We’ll be monitoring the game’s Twitter account closely for more details, as well.

While we wish we could provide a more detailed explanation for Age of Empires Mobile’s release date, we’ll continue to update this post as more information is made available.

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