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Alchemy Stars first-anniversary event includes 100 free pulls

Well, I guess it’s time to redownload Alchemy Stars.
alchemy stars characters
Credit: Alchemy Stars

Alchemy Stars, a tactical RPG and puzzle game, is gearing up for its first anniversary. As it normally goes with gacha games, a celebration for the occasion is planned.

Part of the celebration includes the recently announced free pulls for the game. According to developers, players that play during the event (June 2 through June 23) can earn up to 100 free recruitments.

100 free pulls in alchemy stars
Credit: Tourdog Studios

If you played Alchemy Stars when it was released but dropped it after a while, now is the perfect time to pick it up again. In addition to free character pulls, Tourdog Studios has also spent the year improving the core gameplay loop.

Other anniversary updates include new story missions, new characters, new “systems”, and something called Bingo Bonanza. Alchemy Stars players should expect additional updates in 2022, as well.

Returning players should also expect a handful of different “returning player” perks to help motivate them to stick around. Overall, it’s a great time to hop back into Alchemy Stars if you lost interest over the last year.

Alchemy Stars is available on both Android and iOS. The first-anniversary event takes place from June 2 through June 23.

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