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Alchemy Stars gets new daily 10-pull event starting June 16

This is part of the ongoing first anniversary event in Alchemy Stars.
alchemy stars characters
Credit: Alchemy Stars

Alchemy Stars fans currently enjoying the first-anniversary celebration have something else to look forward to. Starting tomorrow, June 16, the game will feature a new daily 10-pull event for nearly a week.

That’s right, from June 16 through June 21, Alchemy Stars players will be able to get 10 daily pulls. That means players will get a total of 50 free pulls during the event. It should be noted that gacha rolls for this event are only on the Mainstay banner.

alchemy stars free pulls
Credit: TourDogStudio

If you have played Alchemy Stars before, but dropped it after release, now is the perfect time to revisit the game. In addition to free character pulls for the anniversary, Tourdog Studios has also spent the year improving the core gameplay loop.

New systems have also been introduced. That means that players that exhausted the content over the past year have something new to master.

Returning players are also getting a variety of “returning player” perks. This should help returning players stick around for a bit. At least long enough to get all their free pulls on the various banners.

Alchemy Stars is available on both Android and iOS. The first-anniversary event is currently ongoing. It takes place from June 2 through June 23.

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