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Alice Fiction is a new hero collector puzzle game you can pre-register for

Alice Fiction releases later this summer.
alice fiction characters in vibrant colors
Credit: WonderPlanet

Alice Fiction is an upcoming puzzle game waifu collector that goes light on the ‘puzzle’ and heavy on the ‘collector’ part. Currently in closed beta, pre-registration for Alice Fiction is now open on both Android and iOS.

So, what is Alice Fiction? Essentially it is a match-three puzzle game that uses some progression systems similar to Princess Connect.

If you don’t feel like doing the actual “match-three” part, you can always auto your battles as it seems this game leans heavily on autoing through most of the combat.

The game is developed by WonderPlanet and it seems the company is looking to create a multiverse of sorts, referred to as ALICE. We’re unclear what it means (or is going to mean), but it sounds like there will be plenty of story and worldbuilding for fans of that.

alice fiction metaverse
Credit: WonderPlanet

The characters in Alice Fiction all look pretty interesting and we’re big fans of the different, unique weapons the characters use. Sure, the weapons are mostly for show, but it is still nice.

As mentioned, the gear system does share some things in common with games like Princess Connect.

That means that the end-game doesn’t require grinding gear for the perfect substats. Honestly, it’s a breath of fresh air in a world where too many mobile RPGs rely on the mechanic.

Also, the system requirements for this mobile game are a little on the high side, so keep that in mind. It might be worth using an Android emulator if you have an older smartphone.

Alice Fiction is now open for pre-registration with rewards being handed out for hitting certain milestones. If you are interested in the game, make sure to pre-register on Android or iOS. The game will release globally later this summer.

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