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Archeland is a new strategy RPG that we need ASAP

Little is known about Archeland, but the reveal trailer looks amazing.
archeland screenshot showing grid
Credit: Zlongame

September Update: Archeland is now open for pre-registration. Learn more about the game here.

Let me preface this by saying I literally have no idea what is going on in the trailer, but I don’t care. Zlongame (the creators of Langrisser) have outdone themselves with the trailer for their upcoming mobile game, Archeland.

Almost nothing is known about Archeland at this time. The mobile game will be a strategy RPG (SRPG). Besides that, we only have this trailer and a single screenshot (shown above).

Check out the trailer for Archeland:

Obviously, we aren’t going to get our hopes up just yet. For one, without seeing gameplay, it’s impossible to judge the quality of this mobile game. Also, we still don’t know if it is getting a global release.

If it is the spiritual (or literal) successor to Langrisser, then chances are that the game will be good when it does eventually release. For strategy fans, this is definitely one worth keeping an eye on.

Archeland is expected to release on Android and iOS *waves vaguely* at some point. We’re hoping to see it before the end of 2022, but nothing is guaranteed.

If you want another SRPG game to play while you wait for more news, it might be worth checking out Fire Emblem Heroes.

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