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Are mobile games dying?

Mobile games can be a controversial topic, but are they doing well in 2022?
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With gaming increasing drastically in popularity over the past decade through the rise of esports and Twitch. On top of that, mobile gaming has become one of the primary focuses of game developers. But why? Are mobile games thriving or struggling?

Mobile gaming is the most accessible and versatile form of gaming that can be played by anyone with a smartphone around the world.

Seeing as the number of smartphone users has increased each year, mobile gaming is the most popular form of gaming and is set to gain popularity in the years to come.

The rest of this article will cover why mobile gaming is popular, the future of mobile gaming, and the impacts of mobile gaming.

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There are over 2.6 billion mobile gamers as of 2022, and that number is only going to increase. The pandemic brought a higher demand for entertainment than ever before. With this in mind, gaming – and mobile gaming in particular – has increased in popularity since 2020.

The demand for entertainment was met with mobile games, movies, and TV shows. These are all versatile and accessible to the general public. People who were never gamers started trying free mobile games like Call of Duty Mobile, Among Us, and Genshin Impact.

And that is the biggest appeal of mobile games: the cost. Unlike most games on console and PC, mobile games are primarily free besides in-game purchases.

There are some games, like Minecraft, that you have to pay for, but the cost is significantly cheaper than it would be on console or PC.

The future of mobile gaming

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With new breeds of games, such as gacha games and role-playing games (RPGs), rising and gaining popularity, gaming corporations are looking to create new mobile games to appeal to a wider audience. This is where the increase in new types of games has come from.

Recently, a genre of gaming known as ‘gacha games’ has risen into the global spotlight. To explain briefly, gacha games are games that encourage players to use in-game currency to buy in-game, virtual items as they progress through the gameplay. They are known for being addictive.

Gacha games in particular are popular, so these types of games are what you can expect in the future. This and battle royales, a genre where the last player standing wins, like a survival game. This innovation will lead to more revenue in the mobile gaming industry.

The impact of mobile gaming

In a world surrounded by technology, mobile gaming has taken over. Smartphones are increasing in availability to the public. Since the popularity has increased, the impacts it has had on the gaming market have increased as well.

For starters, big game companies have made mobile game versions for their PC and console games. To name one, PUBG made a mobile version of its primarily console and PC game so they could reach a wider audience – and this succeeded massively.

Gaming corporations are now considering mobile gaming as one of their first options when designing new games, which is why mobile gaming has become a goliath in the industry. With billions of mobile gamers out there, the impact of mobile games will continue for many years to come.

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