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Are there two-star raids in Pokémon Go?

Raids are an important part of Pokémon Go gameplay, but you may have noticed that some raid tiers are seemingly missing.
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In Pokémon Go, raids are some of the most important content you can complete. They are a great way to catch unique and sometimes powerful Pokémon.

We’ll cut to the chase. No, there are no two-star raids in Pokémon Go anymore.

Pokémon Go’s raid system has different tiers, noted by star levels. Raids can go from one to five stars, plus Elite and Mega level raids.

But if you’ve spent time in the game, you may have noticed that some raid tiers are seemingly missing. No, you’re not going crazy.

Two-star and four-star no longer exist

While raids can range from one to five stars, there are a couple of tiers missing.

That’s because Niantic, the game’s developers, removed both two and four-star rated raids from the game when they released Mega raids.

Two-star raids were rolled in with the one-star raids. Additionally, four-star raids were rolled into three-star raids.

So you can still technically get two and four-star raid Pokémon and rewards. They’re just part of the lower tiers, making them easier to defeat and more accessible for most players.

Be sure to raid when you can

Raids are an important part of Pokémon Go. They offer a chance to catch some rare Pokémon that might not appear in the wild.

And while there technically aren’t two or four-star options anymore, the Pokémon that used to be found in those raids are now available in one and three-star raids.

So get out there and raid Pokémon gyms in Pokémon Go whenever possible. Now, if only Niantic would be less stingy on remote passes.

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