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Azur Lane announces 5th-anniversary events and updates

So. Many. New. Skins.
azure lane 5th anniversary new character
Credit: Manjuu | Yongshi

Azur Lane isn’t everyone’s cup of tea in the world of gacha, but there is no arguing its staying power. The game is now celebrating its 5th anniversary and Manjuu, Yongshi, and Yostar are piling up new features, skins, and more to celebrate.

This week, the companies held the Azur Lane 5th anniversary livestream. We could spend thousands of words going over everything, but we’ll try to break down some of the more interesting reveals.

First, all 5th Anniversary events, content, and skins will release simultaneously across Azur Lane’s different servers. So, that’s great to hear.

When is the Azur Lane 5th anniversary?

azur lane 5th anniversary sword of sincerity luminous castle event
Credit: Manjuu | Yongshi

While there are different parts to Azur Lane’s 5th anniversary, a new Royal Navy event called Sword of Sincerity, Luminous Castle is coming. It will take place from May 26 to June 16, 2022.

azur lane royal navy 5th anniversary shipgirl
Credit: Manjuu | Yongshi

It includes new shipgirls, all of which are based on the British Royal Navy. Some of the new options seem extremely awesome, so this could also be a great excuse to come back to the game if you’ve dropped it.

Other Azur Lane 5th anniversary updates and news

azur lane maid outfits for 5th anniversary
Credit: Manjuu | Yongshi

Obviously, that’s not all that is coming to Azur Lane over the next handful of weeks and months.

Manjuu and Yongshi also announced a ridiculous number of new skins (and let’s be real, that’s one of the reasons you’re playing this) for a ton of characters.

For spenders in the game, expect new anniversary packs to purchase and reruns of some of the 4th anniversary skins.

Future Azur Lane updates

Announced during the livestream and not technically part of the anniversary announcements, Azur Lane will see some big updates in the future.

The major one being a new Roguelike game mode that is being added to the title. Not much is known about this mode, but it could release relatively soon. Quality of Life (QoL) features are also being worked on. And, finally, there’s a KFC collab coming later this summer.

That’s a quick rundown of what to expect from Azur Lane in the coming weeks. Does this make you want to reinstall the game? Or maybe check it out for the first time? Azur Lane is available on Android and iOS.