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Best ways to use gold in Marvel Snap

Don’t blow your gold in Marvel Snap, you might regret it.
marvel snap gold
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Marvel Snap is an extremely F2P-friendly mobile card game. But what are the best ways to spend the premium currency, gold, in the game?

In the game, gold can be used for three main things: credits, refilling your missions, and buying new card variants.

You can earn gold in-game through Collector’s caches and reserves, the season pass, ranking up during a season, and through various in-game events.

The best way to use gold in Marvel Snap

marvel snap variant shop
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We’ll cut to the chase – we believe the best way to spend gold is on card variants and limited-time bundles.

Not only do you get some really awesome cards, but you’ll be able to level them up to increase your Collector level.

Save your gold for bundle offers

marvel snap bundle example
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As mentioned, we suggest hoarding gold like a greedy dragon. As we’ve seen before, Marvel Snap will occasionally offer bundles in exchange for gold.

These bundles contain cards, profile pictures, credits, Collector’s Tokens, and more.

If you can show restraint and don’t feel like you need the missions and credits to advance, this is possibly our favorite option.

Marvel Snap’s developers have also been vocal about including more token bundles, which is a great way to lower the random aspect of which cards you get.

Refilling missions

Refilling missions would be our third choice, as it rewards both credits and season pass points.

refill missions for gold
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You’ll typically get around 150 credits per 120 gold spent, plus 100 season pass points.

Our least favorite, and one we don’t suggest, is using it to buy credits outright.

While the instant gratification is nice, most missions are pretty easy to complete in just a handful of matches.

Gold in Marvel Snap isn’t necessary

Ultimately, how you spend your gold depends on how you want to experience the game.

If you are flush with cash, go all out buying credits for gold. If you are a low-spender or free-to-play, however, we believe card variants, missions, and bundles are the best use of the premium currency.

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