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BlueStacks release date: When did the Android emulator come out?

BlueStacks is a staple in the emulator market, but when did it first release?
bluestacks logo with bluestacks app running in background
Credit: MobileBytesGG

If you are a mobile gamer that plays on PC, you’re probably familiar with BlueStacks. It’s a great emulator, but what was the original BlueStacks release date?

For many, it has always been a part of their Android emulation journey, but how long has it been helping gamers emulate their favorite games on PC?

BlueStacks was originally released in 2011 as the BlueStacks App Player. This was an alpha version of the software.

Looking back at the original BlueStacks

2011 bluestacks app showing different apps
Credit: BlueStacks

Back then, BlueStacks was a much different platform. Users that downloaded it in 2011 were greeted with a handful of pre-loaded apps. On top of that, users could download a whopping 26 other apps.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the emulator was very barebones. It also looks exactly like what er expect an app from 2011 to look like. Drag Racing WAS a fun game, though.

BlueStack through the years

bluestacks 2 android emulator in 2015
Credit: BlueStacks

Since the original BlueStacks release date, the emulator has seen many updates and new version releases. We’re currently on BlueStacks 5, with BlueStacks 6 expected in the coming years.

Prior to the 2021 release of BlueStacks 5, new versions have released approximately every two years (not including the original Alpha release).

That means BlueStacks 2 released in 2015. Followed by BlueStacks 3 in 2017. After that, BlueStacks 4 was released in mid-2019.

Finally, there’s BlueStacks X – which you can learn more about here.

Where did the BlueStacks name come from?

Finally, if you are curious about the name BlueStacks, that’s totally understandable. It’s an odd name if you stop and think about it. But, its origin actually makes a ton of sense.

The name BlueStacks comes from when the original developers were brainstorming names at a coffee shop. During their meeting, a heaping STACK of BLUEberry pancakes was brought out.

The rest, as they say, is history. Hopefully, this quick guide into the BlueStacks release date has shed some light on the history of the company.

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