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BOSSGAME is a charming new game about love and devils

Looking for a boss-rush game that feels a bit like Undertale? Look no further.
bossgame gameplay
Credit: MobileBytesGG

BOSSGAME: The Final Boss Is My Heart is a brand-new mobile title from Lilycore Games that challenges players to fight boss after boss.

That’s literally the most simplistic way to describe the game, but admittedly does very little to explain the charm and fun combat presented within this Undertale-like mobile experience.

In BOSSGAME, players play as sword priestess Sophie and fire mage Anna, a couple just trying to make ends meet in the devil-infested Mammon City. To help bring in the cash, the two hunt devils (as one does).

Gameplay is broken up into text messaging cutscenes between the two lovers and boss fights with devils.

The dialogue between the two characters is great and full of character. We haven’t once wanted to skip it, which is usually an issue in mobile games.

There was definitely attention to detail here, as we noticed little things, like the fact that Anna typed in all lower-case letters, while Sophie was MUCH MORE EXPRESSIVE with her text messages.

It’s a small, but charming touch that has been much appreciated with our time in the game.

bossgame boss battle
Credit: Lilycore Games

On the combat end, players must control both characters simultaneously, using a combination of holds and taps to use attacks and block incoming damage.

Here’s where the rhythm aspects come into play, as timing is important. Especially when shielding. It’s a great system, and one that feels perfect on the phone.

Overall, we’re having a blast with the game, and definitely plan on diving in further.

BOSSGAME: The Final Boss Is My Heart is available on Android and iOS. A Steam release is also planned for 2023. It currently costs $6.99.

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MobileBytesGG was provided with a copy of the game.