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Can you get shiny Pokémon from grunts in Pokémon Go?

Shadow Pokémon are super powerful, but can you get Shiny versions from Grunt and Leader battles?
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Pokémon Go has grown so much since it first released. One of the ways it has expanded is through Rocket Invasions. These offer a PvP-like experience and the chance to catch Shadow Pokémon. So, can you get shiny Pokémon from grunt battles?

You see, grunt battles are required to collect pieces that create Rocket Radars. These Rocket Radars can be put together after fighting six Rocket grunts or by spending 200 PokéCoins in the shop.

Rocket Radars allow you to fight Rocket Bosses (Arlo, Sierra, and Cliff), which also reward Shadow Pokémon. But, enough of the history behind Rocket Invasions. Here’s what to know about shiny Shadow Pokémon.

So, can you get shiny Pokémon from Team Rocket grunt battles?

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Sadly, Pokémon Go Rocket grunts cannot provide shiny Pokémon at this time. There have been events that allowed for it, but currently, it is impossible to get a shiny from a Rocket grunt battle.

This information has been compiled through player accounts and from the authoritative source on Niantic’s hit mobile game, the Silph Road.

Hopefully, Niantic will release future events that allow a chance at shiny ‘Mons from Rocket grunts.

Currently, it is extremely exhausting facing the same grunts time after time with no hope of a shiny. Fingers crossed!

How to get shiny Shadow Pokémon

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Now, before you feel completely defeated, just know that you can still get shiny Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

The way to do it is by defeating six grunts and forming a Rocket Radar. Doing so lets you fight a Team Rocket Leader. And guess what? Team Rocket Leaders can have shiny Shadow Pokémon.

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Credit: Silph Road

Currently, players can get shiny Sableye from Sierra, shiny Mawile from Arlo, and shiny Machop from Cliff.

Shiny Shadow Pokémon odds?

According to research from the Silph Road, Rocket Leaders have about a 1/60 chance of providing a shiny Pokémon encounter.

Shiny Shadow Pokémon are rare, but awesome

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It’s a shame that Rocket grunt battles can’t produce shiny Pokémon, but it’s not the end of the world.

They still have huge attack bonuses and can be great for both Raids and PvP.

On top of that, the fact that Rocket Leaders can have shiny Shadow Pokémon is enough to keep grinding out those boring grunt battles.

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