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Can you install BlueStacks on Mac?

BlueStacks works great on Windows machines, but what about macOS?
bluestacks on mac showing the screen and logo
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BlueStacks is an awesome Android emulator that allows gamers to play the best mobile and gacha games directly from their computer. While most people know it works with Windows, can you install BlueStacks on Mac?

Apple’s ecosystem is limiting, to say the least. Both iOS and macOS can be difficult to make changes to or add programs the operating system doesn’t trust.

This is great for security. Macs are known for that. But if you want more control over your OS and feel comfortable making changes, you’ll find the experience limiting.

So, back to BlueStacks on macOS. What is there to know about the app, and can you easily install it on your MacBook or iMac?

Is BlueStacks available on Mac?

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We have good news and bad news, Mac owners. BlueStacks is available on macOS, and you can install it on your system in a snap. The company first introduced BlueStacks for macOS in 2020.

But, there are a bunch of limitations. For example, BlueStacks doesn’t work on Macs from before 2014. Additionally, it doesn’t work on M1 Macs or computers using macOS 12 Monterey.

Ultimately, BlueStacks on Mac may be more trouble than it’s worth. The company has noted that it is working to improve usability on macOS, however.

Stream Android games through BlueStacks on macOS

bluestacks x game streaming for android
Credit: MobileBytes

All hope is not lost, Mac users. Did you know that BlueStacks has a version of the app that allows you to directly play Android games through your browser?

Called BlueStacks 10, the cloud streaming feature is powered by and gives you access to Android mobile and gacha games. While it might not be the ideal solution, it does unlock Android gaming on your MacBook or iMac.

BlueStacks on Mac is possible, but not always convenient

At the end of the day, using BlueStacks on Mac is possible, but as we’ve outlined, not always easy. BlueStacks only works with certain Mac computers, making the process annoying.

Dedicated mobile gamers can also look into something like Parallels to run a virtual machine on their Mac, but again, that requires some setup.

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