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Combat Warriors is a brutal PvP Roblox experience

Combat Warriors is a great PvP experience in Roblox – here are some basic tips if you plan on checking it out.
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Credit: Combat Warriors

Combat Warriors is a brutal PvP experience made for Roblox. This, for some, might seem ironic, considering Roblox is heavily marketed toward younger gamers.

But, regardless, even with its adult themes, Combat Warriors is a beloved game in the Roblox community.

Combat Warriors was published back in November 2019, but is still receiving updates. The latest update introduced some bug fixes and new modes.

But, what exactly is Combat Warriors and what should you know if you are about to start playing it? We’ll break it down for you below.

What is Combat Warriors about?

This game is all about melee combat. It may have some ranged weapons available, but the good players don’t use ranged options.

There are two ways you can go when you are choosing how to play this game, there is heavy, and there is light. With the best heavy weapon, you can kill someone in two blows. With the best light weapon, it takes 4-5 swings, but the heavy weapons swing slower than a preschooler playing t-ball.

The best heavy weapon is a massive blade, with the best light weapon being a chainsaw.

While the light weapons swing fast and do less damage, the heavy weapons are the opposite. This makes for some very different playstyles. With the heavy weapons, you have to be a little more strategic, due to the long cooldowns. But, with light weapons, you just have to parry then spam attacks. 

Now let’s get onto the throwables. You have 3 slots at your disposal, which can be used for any throwables you want so long as you don’t try to have more than one of said throwables.

There is everything from health potions and C4, to medkits and frag grenades. If you are having trouble with the throwables, I would recommend the throwing knives, bandage, and when you can afford it, health potion.

That is my personal preference but others run just damage and some run just support, although running just support will put you at a disadvantage to others with impact grenades and the like. 

Combat Warriors stats and general info

combat warriors
Credit: Combat Warriors

As of right now, Combat Warriors has over 23,000 active players, over 1.6 million favorites, and over 580 million visits since it was launched.

It has some game passes, consisting of Vanguard, which doubles your daily spin award, gives a sign-in bonus, and does other mostly cosmetic stuff.

It has Gold, which is Vanguard but 100% better. Literally. It triples everything instead of doubling it. There is also a game pass that contains kill sounds if you like annoying everyone with your obnoxious noises. More daily spins and more case luck, each under five dollars, and a radio. Oh my god, the radio. I loathe this thing so let’s move on shall we? 

As for online play, there are 100 players to a server and there are things like missile strikes and nukes that you can do to torment those people.

All in all, Combat Warriors is one of the most exciting and engaging titles sitting in the Roblox library. It can be played on whatever system you have hooked up – PC, Xbox, Playstation, Android, and iOS.

Just make sure you pack a lunch, because you’ll be getting smoked until the sun comes up.

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