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Cookie Run: Kingdom announces BTS collab and concert

The new Braver Together event is ‘coming soon,’ according to developers.
cookie run kingdom and bts together poster
Credit: Devsisters

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a wildly popular mobile game that hasn’t shied away from collaborations. Now, it’s arguably getting its biggest collaboration yet in the form of hit K-pop group, BTS.

The Braver Together event, announced this week by developer Devsisters, means “each member of BTS will be transformed into their own unique Cookie.”

Fans will have the chance to pull for Cookie characters representing Jung Kook, V, Jimin, SUGA, Jin, RM, and J-Hope.

That’s a lot of new Cookies, but it is unclear what abilities each will have or if any will be meta-defining. Regardless, let’s hope that the gacha rates aren’t too horrendous.

In addition to the themed Cookies, there will also be themed BTS maps and lore associated with the event.

Finally, it will culminate in an in-game concert that BTS is hosting. This isn’t the first time the K-pop group has lent its talent to a video game.

In 2020, BTS performed an in-game concert for the massively popular Fortnite.

The new Cookie Run: Kingdom event is “coming soon” according to developers. We’ll make sure to update this with that date once available.

If you are a BTS fan or simply looking for a new mobile game to check out, you can download CR:K for both Android and iOS.

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