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CounterSide Global celebrates 100 days with freebies and Steam release

100 free pulls, new events, and more are coming to CounterSide on September 1.
counterside characters standing in a line looking at fire
Credit: StudioBside

CounterSide, the sidescrolling action RPG game with awesome visuals, is gearing up for its 100-day Global celebration.

Announced through a developer blog post, StudioBside revealed a bunch of exciting things coming to the game in just a few days.

For gamers that prefer playing their gacha games on PC, CounterSide’s Steam version is now available for pre-registration. Additionally, it will be available to Global players on September 1.

CounterSide Steam release – what to know

counterside steam launch
Credit: StudioBside

CounterSide’s Steam release is great for players that prefer the stability of a dedicated client.

While running the game through something like BlueStacks works fine, emulators can sometimes introduce extra stress on systems. A dedicated client should help with that.

Again, CounterSide launches on Steam on September 1st.

But that’s not all to look forward to in CounterSide in the coming days.

CounterSide 100-day launch celebration

counterside 100 day launch celebration showing differ ssr characters
Credit: StudioBside

In addition to the Steam launch, the game will also start its 100th-day celebration starting on September 1.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since the Global version released, but here we are.

With the 100th-day celebration, players are going to get a whopping 100 free pulls on a dedicated banner. Additionally, there will be a new crafting event.

Then, to add to that, there will be a punch-in (daily check-in) event for rewards and, finally, a limited mission that can only be played during the celebration.

counterside global 2022 summer skins with characters on beach
Credit: StudioBside

Also starting on September 1, the mobile game’s summer event (and skins) will release. This has been a long time coming, so it’s good to see it finally arrive.

Overall, it’s shaping up to be an extremely exciting time for CounterSide players, and a solid opportunity for new and returning players, as well.

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