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CounterSide global character tier list (PvP) – January 2023

Don’t sleep on some of the SR units in CounterSide, they are great.
counterside characters on blurred background
Credits: MobileBytesGG

CounterSide, the sidescrolling tower defense mobile game, is now available globally. The game features a robust PvE and PvP scene, giving players plenty of options on how to enjoy their experience.

If you are mainly a player vs player (PvP) gamer, knowing what characters excel at certain aspects helps you blaze through competitive content.

Knowing this can help you save precious resources and give you an edge against whales that spend thousands of dollars.

That said, we highly recommend playing the characters you like. Ultimately, gaming is supposed to be fun, and often playing what you like can help lead to more fun.

Of course, some people find optimizing their characters, stamina, and more fun. That’s where tier lists come in. So, if you are interested in the best PvP characters in CounterSide, keep reading.

Best CounterSide PvP characters – January 2023

This tier list comes courtesy of Prydwen, a community-ran CounterSide website. This PvP tier list for CounterSide focuses on global servers, so keep that in mind.

counterside global pvp tier list january 2023
Credit: MobileBytesGG

If you’ve checked out our CounterSide PvE tier list, you probably have noticed that many of the characters are present on both tier lists.

Best PvP characters in CounterSide (right now)

If you prefer written guides, here are all the S-SSS tier characters:


  • Replacer King
  • Awakened Horizon


  • Spira
  • Serapel
  • Purple Mist Laura
  • Near Astraea Esterosa
  • Ministra
  • Lucrecia
  • Lily
  • Ifrit
  • Horizon
  • Harab
  • Gaeun
  • Evolved One
  • Evelyn Keller
  • Eins & Zwei
  • Claudia Nelson
  • Blue Blood Elizabeth
  • Awakened Lee Sooyeon
  • Amy Firstwing


  • Yang Harim
  • Rita Arsenico
  • Overflow
  • Lyudmila
  • Lee Yuri
  • Kestrel Xiao Lin
  • Ingrid Johanna
  • Awakened Yuna Springfield
  • Awakened Yoo Mina
  • Awakened Seo Yoon
  • Awakened Na Yubin
  • Arti Lana
  • Admin Sword Fighter
  • Admin Rifleman

Something else to remember about PvP in CounterSide is that certain modes have weekly bans.

That means that you need to keep a strong stable of characters for PvP content. Some notable units to build for PvP include Replacer King, Gaeun, Eins & Zwei, and Evelyn Keller (a great SR support).

As you can see, Awakened units continue to dominate some of the top spots in PvP, and we don’t see that ever changing.

You’ll need to drop some cash, get seriously lucky, or save a bunch of currency if you hope to get a variety of these special units.

CounterSide’s PvP is one of the staples of the mobile game, so it’s definitely worth checking out. To add to its appeal, there are multiple PvP modes to choose from, including real-time PvP.

CounterSide global is available on Android and iOS. A Steam client is also available for players that prefer to play that way.

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