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CounterSide global download now available on Android and iOS (updated)

There’s also a code you can use for freebies.
counterside characters in a field
Credit: StudioBside

It’s finally here. After a successful SEA release, the sidescrolling tower defense RPG CounterSide is available for download globally.

If you have been looking for a new gacha game to sink your teeth into and prefer a more anime-style aesthetic, CounterSide is worth checking out. It features a ton of characters, interesting PvE mechanics, and a unique story.

PvP players also should get excited, as CounterSide has a robust player-vs-player scene with two different modes. It also employs a ban system to help keep the content fresh.

Sit back, pour a cup of coffee, and enjoy. This 12-minute launch trailer takes you through some of the game’s story.

But that’s not all. Once the anime-inspired cutscenes and story is shown, viewers will get a deep-dive look into the gameplay as well.

CounterSide launch celebration

counterside home screen
Credit: StudioBside

During the launch celebration, players can expect a four-week event that grants players a total of 160 free pulls and a character, as well. That free character is an SSR called Orca.

CounterSide global launch code for free quartz: CSTRAILER

If you want even more details about the CounterSide release and upcoming notes, make sure to check out the full roadmap here.

Download CounterSide today

counterside gameplay showing ultimate move
Credit: StudioBside

Seriously, we can’t speak highly enough about CounterSide (or Counter:Side, they seem to spell it both ways). The art style is gorgeous, the gameplay is fun and engaging, and story enjoyers have plenty of lore to explore.

CounterSide global is now available on Android and iOS. A Steam client is also in the works for gamers that prefer to play on a dedicated PC client.

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