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CounterSide global launch: trailer, release date, platforms, codes

CounterSide’s SEA release was a huge success. Can it be mirrored in the global release?
counterside home screen
Credit: StudioBside

One of the most highly-anticipated gacha games of 2022 is set to release in the coming days. CounterSide is a 2D sidescrolling RPG with AFK elements and awesome visuals and its global release is right around the corner.

An SEA version has been available for approximately a year now, but the game is finally getting its global release. This is one we’re personally excited about, as we’ve spent many hours on the SEA version.

If you’ve been looking for something to sink your teeth into, the CounterSide mobile game has a lot of potential. Fingers crossed that StudioBside and ZlongGames plan to support this long term, as the PvE and PvP elements are extremely enjoyable.

CounterSide release date and platforms

counterside characters in a field
Credit: StudioBside

Alright, let’s get this out of the way, because this is why you’re here. CounterSide global releases on Android and iOS on May 26. Yes, less than a week away from the time of this article.

PC gamers should also get excited, as CounterSide will be receiving a dedicated PC client as well. That will launch in August 2022 on Steam, so keep an eye out for that.

CounterSide global launch trailer

Sit back, pour a cup of coffee, and enjoy. This 12-minute launch trailer takes you through some of the game’s story. But that’s not all. Once the anime-inspired cutscenes and story is shown, viewers will get a deep-dive look into the gameplay as well.

Seriously, this game has a ton of potential and SEA players that dropped the game while waiting for a global launch are chomping at the bit. If you like character collectors with a ton of style and the gameplay to back it up, definitely keep an eye on this one.

CounterSide global launch codes and rewards

counterside gameplay showing ultimate move
Credit: StudioBside

A staple in mobile game releases is to flood the player with freebies. CounterSide seems to be following that trend. Not only will there be a launch code available for free quartz (the currency used for pulls and other things), but there will be a four-week launch celebration.

The CounterSide global launch code for free quartz: CSTRAILER

As for the launch celebration, players can expect a four-week event that grants players a total of 160 free pulls and a character, as well. That free character is an SSR called Orca.

This could become your next main game

Seriously, we can’t speak highly enough about CounterSide (or Counter:Side, they seem to spell it both ways). The art style is gorgeous, the gameplay is fun and engaging, and story enjoyers have plenty of lore to explore.

Loads of PvE content and PvP (static and real-time) should satisfy mobile gamers looking for a challenge. And character models and skins should keep the more distinguished among us coming back for more.

If this sounds up your alley, then make sure to mark your calendars for the CounterSide global release on May 26, 2022. And if you want even more details, check out the full roadmap here.