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CounterSide global character tier list (PvE) – January 2023

Looking for the best PvE characters to carry you in CounterSide? We’ve got you covered.
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Credit: StudioBside

CounterSide, the sidescrolling tower defense mobile game, is available globally. The game features a robust PvE and PvP scene, giving players plenty of options on how to enjoy their experience.

If you are mainly a player vs environment (PvE) gamer, knowing what characters excel at certain aspects helps you blaze through story content. Knowing this can help you save precious resources and time in the long run.

That said, we highly recommend playing the characters you like. Ultimately, gaming is supposed to be fun, and often playing what you like can help lead to more fun.

Of course, some people find optimizing their characters, stamina, and more fun. That’s where tier lists come in. So, if you are interested in the best PvE characters in CounterSide, keep reading.

Best CounterSide PvE characters – January 2023

This tier list comes courtesy of Prydwen, a community-ran CounterSide website. This PvE tier list for CounterSide focuses on global servers, so keep that in mind.

counterside global pve tier list january 2023
Credit: MobileBytesGG

There are three more tiers below this, but if you are here to find the best PvE CounterSide characters, this list should have you covered.

Best PvE characters in CounterSide (right now)

If you prefer written guides, here are all the S-SSS tier characters:


  • Kestrel Xiao Lin
  • Evelyn Keller
  • Yang Harim


  • Nanahara Chifuyu
  • Ifrit
  • Near Astraea Esterosa
  • Sky Layfield
  • Awakened Joo Shiyoon
  • Xiao Lin
  • Ministra


  • Replacer Queen
  • Seo Yoon
  • Awakened Lee Sooyeon
  • Awakened Seo Yoon
  • Sigma
  • Rita Arsenico
  • Lin Xien
  • Awakened Yuna Springfield
  • Rosaria le Friede
  • Awakened Horizon
  • Serapel
  • Admin. Rifleman
  • Gaeun
  • Karin Wong
  • Tarrasque
  • Lyudmila

Some of the notable top-tier characters include Kestrel Xiao Lin (SSS tier), Yang Harim (SSS tier) for healing, and Evelyn Keller and Lin Xien because they are more common characters.

Lin Xien is great for getting resources quicker, so definitely try to slot her in if you have a space.

Nanahara Chifuyu and Ifrit (both SS tier) are awesome and serve double duty as some of the best CounterSide PvP units in the global release.

CounterSide global is available on Android and iOS. A Steam client is also available for players that prefer to play that way.

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