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CounterSide’s 30-day celebration includes 50 free pulls, new characters, and more

It’s a great time to be a CounterSide player.
rivet character with white hair in counterside
Credit: CounterSide

CounterSide, the hit gacha game that recently saw its global release, is getting a new event tomorrow, June 23. Alongside new characters and a new battle pass is a bunch of shop updates and, the best part, 50 free pulls.

Announced in a blog post on the game’s official site, the post outlines everything new coming in the game on June 23 after a maintenance period. Included additions include an ‘Old Fear Event Mission’ with a dedicated shop that goes until July 7.

New Employees (characters) are also coming to the game. These include Edel Meitner, a Counter Sniper character, and Regina MacCready, a Counter Supporter. Regina can be obtained through the Counter Pass.

edel meitner banner counterside
Credit: CounterSide

Additionally, Rivet, a personal favorite and Soldier Ranger, will be available through the Old Fear Event Shop in CounterSide.

A new Recruitment Probability Up banner is also coming tomorrow. This will feature Edel Meitner, the Counter SSR Sniper mentioned above.

30-day CounterSide launch celebration rewards and 50 free recruits event

counterside 30 day launch celebration
Credit: CounterSide

Finally, and what is possibly most exciting for many players is the addition of a 30-day launch celebration and recruitment event.

The 30-day event includes rewards for training books, the premium currency (Quartz), and more. This event takes place until July 7.

Then, from June 23 through July 14, players will have the chance to do 50 free recruitments through a dedicated banner that features characters like Yang Harim, Xiao Lin, and Gaeun.

Overall, this is an exciting time for CounterSide players. The game has been well-received in its global launch with no signs of slowing down.

CounterSide global is available on Android and iOS. A Steam client is also in the works for gamers that prefer to play on a dedicated PC client.

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