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Diablo Immortal is now available on Android and iOS

Diablo Immortal has released a day early on mobile.
diablo immortal logo and characters
Credit: Blizzard

Diablo Immortal was planned for a June 2 release, but it seems like the gods have smiled down on us to release it a whole day early.

Diablo Immortal released on both Android and iOS today. The Diablo Immortal file size is initially under 10 GB, which is nice. On the PC launcher, it hits nearly 30 GB.

That said, on mobile, downloads are broken down into different sections of the game, so the file size will probably get much larger over time.

Surprisingly, the launcher on PC still shows that the game is in beta and is planned for a release tomorrow, June 2.

Regardless, this is exciting news for mobile gamers looking to sink their teeth into Diablo Immortal. We have started playing the game and controls seem crisp and graphics look great for a mobile game.

We’ll continue to report on our gameplay and thoughts throughout the day. We’re extremely excited to dive in. The game has seen some negative press, but Diablo III is a favorite of ours, so this is an exciting time.

Diablo Immortal is available on AndroidiOS, and PC. There will also be cross-play available, but you will need a account for that.

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