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Dislyte’s Ollie banner is a slap in the face

This is way, way too harsh.
ollie (osiris) in jail
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Dislyte is one of the newer, high-profile mobile games to release in 2022. It has a lot going for it, but Lillith Games has managed to slap 99% of the player base in the face with the Ollie (Osiris) Esper banner.

We’ve been putting in some serious hours into the mobile RPG, and have been saving up our Golden Records to pull for Ollie. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get the new Esper, but it’s so much worse than we expected.

If you are newer to the game, let me explain some things real quick. Pulling four or five-star characters in Dislyte is rare. Five-star pity is already pretty high at 120, with four-star characters only being guaranteed one out of 20 pulls.

For a mobile game in 2022, these rates hurt. But it gets worse.

What’s on Ollie’s banner

ollie esper in dislyte
Credit: Dislyte

Those rates are hard to swallow, but it gets worse with the Ollie banner. Ollie (Osiris) is the new five-star Flow Esper (character) on the banner.

Additionally, there are two new four-star Shimmer Espers, Laura (Neith) and Nicole (Nephthys), that look great. All of the new characters seem to offer some interesting abilities and add utilities to certain team comps.

laura (neith) four star shimmer support in dislyte
Credit: Dislyte

All that sounds good, right? Well, it’s when you realize the chances of getting these new shiny characters that things take a turn. Now, I should preface this by stating that low rates don’t really bother me.

nicole (nephthys) in dislyte
Credit: Dislyte

But, we live in a time of mobile and gacha games where guarantees are mostly expected for newer games. The percent chance can be low and the pity high, but there should be an obtainable guarantee.

Genshin Impact, for example, doesn’t have great gacha rates, but low spenders and free-to-play players know exactly what the worst-case scenario will be. Even worst-case scenarios are manageable and players can save up resources to get the character.

Everything wrong with Dislyte’s Ollie (Osiris) banner

Dislyte, on the other hand, has set up some ridiculous guarantees and just shouldn’t be how gacha rolls are presented in 2022 from new games.

If I were to tell you that Dislyte’s guarantee for Ollie was 250 Golden Records (rolls), would you be mad? Personally, I wouldn’t love it, but wouldn’t really mind it. Now, what if I told you it required 500 Golden Records to obtain Ollie? That’s pretty painful, right?

Well, to guarantee that you get Ollie, it would take approximately 900 pulls. It should be noted that most players will get it before that, but the possibility is there. That’s because the chance to pull Ollie is only elevated by 10% after 350 spins. And then another 10% every 50 pulls after that.

Prior to that, Ollie shares a 1% chance with all other 5-star Espers. It’s ridiculous rates and literally could cost thousands of dollars. 40 Golden Records cost $99, so it could cost $1,500 or more for a single copy. That’s not to mention duplicates.

Then, to pile on to the terrible gacha rates, the four-star Shimmer characters have literally zero guarantees. You could pull thousands of times and never see one of them. This arguably makes them rarer than Ollie.

Sure, you can save up Gems and Golden Records to get a solid number of spins without spending a dime. But, your chances at the fun new character are minuscule.

So, now what? What happens with future Dislyte banners?

I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t think Lillith Games can do anything about its rates on this banner. People have already spent money on it.

But, if the company wants to retain free-to-play players and low-spenders, something will need to change. There are other turn-based RPGs on the market to play and ones that don’t require players to whale on each new banner.

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