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BlueStacks 5 vs BlueStacks 10: Which should you download?

It might seem logical to install the higher number, but is that the case with BlueStacks?
bluestacks 5 logo and bluestacks 10 logo on blue gradient background
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BlueStacks is one of the most popular Android emulators available. But, you might have noticed that BlueStacks’ website offers two options – BlueStacks 5 and BlueStacks 10. Which one should you download?

BlueStacks 5 has become one of the go-to options for Android emulation, and for good reason. It’s a hassle-free option and gives PC gamers a great way to play gacha games.

When you go to download BlueStacks, however, BlueStacks 10 (also referred to as BlueStacks X) is shown and often recommended first to users. Why is that?

Basic logic might lead you to assume that the higher number is a better option. But that isn’t always the case, and it isn’t the case here. BlueStacks 5 and BlueStacks 10 are actually rather different emulators.

So, let’s dive into BlueStacks 10 vs BlueStacks 5 to learn more about the Android emulators.

Should you download BlueStacks 10 or BlueStacks 5?

You should download BlueStacks 5 if you want a pure Android emulation experience on PC. BlueStacks 10, on the other hand, is perfect if your computer has lower-end specs.

Android emulation can require a lot of resources, so keep that in mind when deciding between the two.

That’s the most basic answer possible. Now, let’s dive into the details to learn more about the differences between BlueStacks 5 and BlueStacks 10.

What is BlueStacks 5?

bluestacks logo on a blurred blue and purple background
Credit: MobileBytes

Before we dive into BlueStacks 10, it’s best we clearly explain what BlueStacks 5 offers mobile gamers who play on PC.

BlueStacks 5 is a safe Android emulator that mimics a traditional smartphone. It gives you full access to things like Google Play, which is how you download apps and games.

BlueStacks was first released in 2011 and has since had many updates and new versions to improve the emulator.

The popular Android emulator is available on PC, but Mac users will find the experience limiting.

Pros of BlueStacks 5

For Android emulation, there’s a lot to love about BlueStacks 5:

  • It’s a lightweight emulation program
  • It allows you to easily emulate Android apps on PC
  • BlueStacks uses your RAM and CPU efficiently (perfect for budget laptops)

With BlueStacks 5, users get a fast app that can run a ton of mobile games without much effort. It features an easy-to-use interface, and both Android and iOS users should feel right at home.

What version of Android does BlueStacks 5 run?

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Credit: MobileBytes

Currently, Android Pie (Android 9) is the default version of Android on BlueStacks 5.

However, when you create new instances on BlueStacks, you have the choice between Nougat (32-bit), Nougat (64-bit), and Pie (64-bit).

Depending on the game, you may find you need to create a new instance in order to meet compatibility standards for a certain game.

bluestacks multi-instance-manager
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Don’t worry though, we break down everything you need to know about creating new instances in BlueStacks here.

What version of BlueStacks are we on?

BlueStacks 5 is the current version, but we expect to see BlueStacks 6 in the coming years, most likely in 2024.

What is BlueStacks 10 (BlueStacks X)?

bluestacks 10 x announcement screenshot showing cloud gaming
Credit: BlueStacks

BlueStacks 10 is surprisingly not the same basic Android emulator that many people around the world use on a daily basis.

BlueStacks 10 is actually for cloud game streaming and is the company’s answer for low-powered machines.

You still get access to many of the main BlueStacks features, but you do need a solid internet connection to really take advantage of cloud gaming.

Generally speaking, BlueStacks 10 should only be considered as an alternative. If you tried BlueStacks 5 and your computer wasn’t up to the task, then the cloud gaming option might be for you.

Pros of BlueStacks X

While BlueStacks 5 might be the go-to Android emulator for many, BlueStacks X has some nice perks:

  • Play games on any PC without worrying about specs
  • No downloading games, which saves time and resources
  • Access to over 2 million games through cloud gaming

So, as you can see, there are definitely some perks to BlueStacks X (10). But, before you get too excited, you need to make sure your internet is up to the task.

What internet speeds do you need for BlueStacks X?

Now, one thing to keep in mind when using a cloud gaming service is internet speeds. Because things are being delivered live, you’ll need an internet connection that can keep up.

Thankfully, BlueStacks X doesn’t have huge requirements. Players will need a stable internet speed of 5 Mbps.

Most internet providers can reach those speeds without too many issues.

Something unique about BlueStacks X, however, is that it uses an AI system to determine if you can stream games from the cloud or if you’d be better off downloading the game to the App Player.

BlueStacks 10 vs BlueStacks 5 – which is better?

bluestacks 10 vs bluestacks 5 download screen with buttons
Credit: MobileBytesGG

In the debate of BlueStacks 10 vs BlueStacks 5, there are a bunch of things to consider.

While cloud gaming might be a solid option for some users, many will want to stick with BlueStacks 5. This is because it is a tried-and-true emulator that works with a ton of mobile games.

BlueStacks 5 allows you to quickly access the Google Play Store, or, if you prefer, something like TapTap.

If this is something you are interested in, make sure to check out our guide on how to download TapTap on BlueStacks 5.

To get started though, you can download both BlueStacks 5 and BlueStacks 10 by heading directly to this link.

Hopefully, our quick guide has helped explain the differences between BlueStacks 10 and BlueStacks 5.

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  1. I did have Blue before but i uninstalled it because it was requiring HYPRV to run but it never had before. But the other thing is that Blue is only emulator that i can turn off/on all overlay/hotkey/macro functions. other its a guess guess situation. and that lead to me getting 2 characters banned from my game. I want to play using Blue but need to get around the HYPRV first, but other wise i will reinstall Blue.

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