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Do you gain XP with quick catches in Pokémon Go?

The quick catch mechanic is great for cutting down on animation times in Pokémon Go, but do you still gain XP?
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Credit: MobileBytesGG

Pokémon Go is a great mobile game and people that have been playing for years are probably familiar with the “quick catch” mechanic. This begs the question – do you gain XP with quick catches in Pokémon Go?

Veterans of the game know how precious XP is at later levels. Veterans also understand that during Community Day events and other high-volume times that quick catching can be a great help.

But what about XP? Do you still gain it when you perform quick catches?

How quick catches work in Pokémon Go

First, if you need a refresher on quick catches in Pokémon Go, make sure to check out the video above from BrandonTan91.

Essentially, quick catches require you to hold and drag on the screen with one hand and perform your throw with the other. Then, you quickly tap the place where Exit normally appears on the screen to quickly leave the catch screen.

But, we’re getting off track – let’s talk about XP and quick catches. We have good news: players gain XP in Pokémon Go with quick catches. That means you can pop an XP egg and quickly catch as many Pokémon as possible and gain a bunch of XP.

If you attempt quick catches, you will not always see alerts over your profile picture that you received XP. But just know that — as long as you catch the Pokémon — you are receiving XP.

And there you have it! A quick guide on understanding quick catches in Pokémon Go! Hopefully, you leave this article equipped with the knowledge to (quickly) catch them all. If you need more game information, make sure to check out the section below for additional guides.

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