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Does Guardian Tales have a pity system?

Guardian Tales is a gacha game, which means getting the character you want isn’t guaranteed. So, is there a pity system in Guardian Tales?
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With Guardian Tales now available on the Switch, the game is seeing an influx of new players. The F2P title gives players the option to roll for new heroes. But, as it is with gacha games, getting the character you want isn’t guaranteed. So, is there a pity system in Guardian Tales?

If you are new to gacha games, we’re going to quickly break down what a pity system is, how it works, and what you should know about Guardian Tales‘ pity system.

What is a pity system?

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Pity systems are a way for games to help low-spending players plan what characters they will pull for.

Essentially, a pity system means that after X amount of pulls, you are guaranteed to get the “banner” character. A banner is what many gacha gamers refer to as the limited-time character.

In gacha games, you use the free (or paid) currency for a chance to obtain special characters, weapons, outfits, and so on. But, typically, the chance of receiving the character or item you want is rare. Often, you have less than a 3% at getting the rarest characters or items.

Because of these low odds, having a pity system helps players plan how they spend their game currencies leading up to the banner or limited-time gacha.

With a pity system, gamers can decide to save their currency early and wait for the perfect moment.

Does Guardian Tales have a pity system?

To quickly answer your question – No, Guardian Tales does not have a pity system. But, that said, new players do get a pity perk.

If you are new to the game and have never rolled for limited characters, Guardian Tales players are guaranteed an SSR character within 30 pulls (also known as rolls).

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After that, however, you are stuck with the normal 2.75% chance for an SSR character.

That can be pretty rough, but Guardian Tales has a ticket system (called Mileage tickets) that helps reward players as they spend currencies to roll for characters.

How the Mileage Shop works in Guardian Tales

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Whenever you summon a character in Guardian Tales, you are rewarded with something called a Mileage Ticket.

You get one Mileage Ticket per summon. Then, once you have collected 300 tickets, you can spend them on characters in the Mileage Shop.

Top-tier weapons and (SSR) characters cost 300 tickets each. Additionally, there are some items that you can get for 100 Mileage Tickets.

But, to get an SSR character, you will need to summon on banners 300 times to earn enough tickets. So, clearly, it’s a slow grind.

Guardian Tales doesn’t force you to spend money

At the end of the day, Guardian Tales offers players ways to earn free currency used to obtain characters. The system isn’t perfect, but if you are patient, you can typically save up enough to get the characters you want.

On top of that, Guardian Tales isn’t very P2W, so you don’t have to feel pressured into spending money to continue forward in the game.

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