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Does Honkai: Star Rail have an auto-battle system?

Star Rail is turn-based but does it use an auto-battle system like many mobile games?
honkai star rail logo and blurred background showing characters
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Honkai: Star Rail has hit the scene and the mobile turn-based RPG is getting a lot of praise.

But for veterans of mobile RPGs, one question we’ve seen pop up quite a bit on sites like Reddit and Twitter is in regard to Star Rail’s battle system.

We’ll cut to the chase – Yes, Honkai: Star Rail has an auto-battle system for many of the fights in the game.

Like many mobile turn-based games, Star Rail does use an auto-battle function that unlocks after a couple of hours of gameplay.

It’s not the best auto-battle system out there, but after 25+ hours of playing, we have to say that we’ve been impressed with the feature and it often works well.

Star Rail’s auto-battles have limits

While the auto-battle system is solid, there are limitations.

For example, Honkai: Star Rail does not allow auto-battles for pivotal fights. This means that important story bosses and such have to be fought manually.

But, honestly, we’re ok with that. Star Rail’s turn-based system is great and character interactions are stellar. We highly recommend playing the game manually from time to time.

Now that you know all about the battle system in H:SR – it’s time to learn about the game’s monetization. Good luck out there!

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