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Does No Man’s Sky on Switch have cross-play?

No Man’s Sky is great fun on the Switch, but multiplayer is limited, to say the least.
no man's sky on nintendo switch
Credit: MobileBytesGG

No Man’s Sky on Nintendo Switch is a ton of fun, but there are some limiting factors, including how multiplayer works.

To put it bluntly, No Man’s Sky is seriously lacking on the multiplayer front for Switch gamers. This bleeds over into the cross-play aspect as well.

Nintendo Switch’s No Man’s Sky technically has a form of cross-play, but don’t expect to take to the infinite realm of space with your friends on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Essentially, this means that you can’t play with your friends on other platforms. Before you rage, you can at least show off your bases and strange planets to friends.

This is done through the Glyph system, which allows you to share coordinates with anyone through the use of 16 different Portal Glyphs that can be found within the game.

Using these Glyphs, players can record the system where their base is located. Then, it is simply a matter of sharing that string of symbols.

That will bring your friends to your corner of the universe, but they will be unable to see you in the world.

nms land rover
Credit: MobileBytesGG

That’s because NMS uploads discoveries, bases, and more to the Universal Record. This is shared across all platforms. But, sadly, that is the extent of it for now.

So, basically, there is no cross-play in the Switch version of No Man’s Sky. We wouldn’t call the Glyph system cross-play, but it’s better than nothing, we suppose.

Hopefully, Hello Games can make a true multiplayer cross-play system work on Switch, but for now, this is the best option.

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