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What is the best faction in Eversoul?

With Eversoul’s current Battlefront system, players need a variety of units if they want options that are effective against enemies.
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Eversoul’s faction system allows for a huge number of Souls (characters), but is one above the rest?

When deciding on what Souls to level up, many players look at getting one or two strong factions to hopefully help them climb through the Battlefront levels.

There’s a lot to factor into this question, but we’re going to cut to the chase for people limited on time:

There is not a single, best faction in Eversoul, but as of February 2023, Fairy seems to have some of the strongest individual units.

With Eversoul’s current Battlefront system, players need a variety of units if they want options that are effective against enemies.

For whales, this probably won’t be much of an issue, but low-spenders and free-to-play players are going to have to be more selective with what Souls they level up.

Again, Fairy type has some really strong units with Naiah and Talia. And Humanlike fans have Catherine, Jiho, and Mephistopeles.

Ultimately, who you invest in is up to you, but one thing we have found is that investing in characters that you’ve obtain the most copies of is a smart strategy.

This will allow you to reach higher character levels which is a huge source of stat boosts.

What Soul types are good against each other?

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As a quick refresher, here’s what Soul types have advantages (+25% attack) over other types:

  • Humanlike is good against Beast
  • Beast is good against Fairy
  • Fairy is good against Undead
  • Undead is good against Humanlike

Angel and Demon units in Eversoul are good against each other.

How to push through Battlefront levels you are stuck on

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If you are on this guide because you are stuck on a specific level, there’s something you can try before investing a ton of resources into a new character.

And that would be the Hire Soul feature in the game. This allows you to basically “rent” five of your friends’ top-level souls for 24 hours and you can use them once each.

Use this method to get a high level Soul that can quickly push through a roadblock level you are currently dealing with.

To hire friends’ Souls: tap the three-line menu -> select Friends -> tap Hire Soul.

Angels and Demons in Eversoul

It’s also worth mentioning these two elusive factions that currently only have one Soul in each. These Souls are super rare and Adrianne (an Angel) is currently the highest-rated Soul in the game.

It’s possible as more of these units come out that they will be considered the best Factions, but we’ll need to wait and see for now.

The Eversoul meta is constantly changing

With Eversoul being a relatively new game, we can expect the meta to change quite a bit over the coming months.

While Fairy and Humanlike provide strong Souls for the early and mid-game, it’s possible other Factions will claim the crown in late/end-game content.

We’ll continue to update this list as players continue to push farther into the game. But, remember, your personal enjoyment in the game should come first.

If you want to build Undead and Beast characters, go all out.

Eversoul is available on AndroidiOS, and emulators like BlueStacks.

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