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Best ways to spend Everstones in Eversoul

How should you spend your precious premium currency in Eversoul? We break everything down here.
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Everstones are the premium currency in Eversoul, so knowing how to spend the gems is very important.

Eversoul definitely leans into pay-to-win territory, which means low-spenders and F2P players need to maximize the limited number of Everstones they get through gameplay and events.

We’ll cut to the chase. The best ways to spend gems (Everstones) in Eversoul is on limited-time (pick-up) character banners.

Eversoul has a constantly rotating group of limited-time Soul (character) banners. These characters are often extremely good units.

On the limited banners, not only do you have an increased chance to pull the desired unit, but all of your pulls count towards milestone rewards, as well.

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These rewards include free copies of the character, plus artifacts and more.

Ultimately, this is going to be the best way to use gems, as Eversoul’s progression system relies heavily on pulling duplicate copies of characters.

Other ways to spend gems in Eversoul

While limited banners are probably the best way to spend your Everstones, there are other things you might find valuable.

Spend gems on standard banner pulls

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In addition to the pick-up (limited) banners, there is a standard banner that you can spend gems on, as well.

A standard 10-pull will set you back 2,100 Everstones. This is the same price as a 10-pull on the limited banners.

One benefit of the standard banner, however, is that you are guaranteed an Epic summon every 30 pulls. There is no protection on the limited-time banners.

Spend gems in the Shop

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If, for some reason, you feel you don’t need any more Souls for your team, you can also spend Everstones in the shop.

The shop provides a bunch of different things for gems, including mana crystals, artifact stones, and gear pieces.

Most of this stuff can be earned rather easily through gameplay, but late-game players might find value in some of the options.

Eversoul is a fun idle game – spend your Everstones wisely

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what your premium currency in Eversoul is spent on.

However, you can almost never go wrong with pulling on the limited-banners for new characters.

Now that you know the details about Everstones, it’s time to learn about the best factions in Eversoul.

Eversoul is available on AndroidiOS, and emulators like BlueStacks.

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