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Eversoul tier list – March 2023

Looking for the best Souls to invest in? We’ve got you covered.
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Credit: MobileBytesGG

Eversoul is a solid idle game with a huge roster of Souls (characters), but if you want to push end-game content, you might want to know which ones are best.

While we always encourage players to play and build the characters they like, we also understand that meta can be important.

We’ve been digging into Eversoul to see what Souls perform best and have used other resources to find what Souls are going to take you well into the end-game content.

Keep in mind that the game is still relatively new, so this list is sure to evolve quite frequently right now.

Eversoul tier list – March 2023

eversoul march 2023 tier list
Credit: MobileBytesGG

When it comes to end-game in Eversoul, right now, much of the focus is on the campaign (Battlefront).

While some different units are great early-game, players can typically brute force their way through that content. This tier list is more focused on Level 100+ and Chapters 10-15.

Team comps typically look at having three supports (healers, tanks, etc.) and two damage dealers.

Two of the very best units in the game right now are Adrianne and Catherine, a defender and support unit, respectively.

Great DPS options include Aira (S-tier), Linzy (S-tier), and Haru (S-tier). Support units like Mephistopeles and Talia are also great.

Honglan also joins the list this month, having recently had a pick-up banner. She’s a great Beast caster with debuffs and AoE damage.

Eversoul’s roster continues to grow

Ultimately, this tier list is still relatively new and will continue to evolve as more characters are released.

Typically, we recommend investing heavily in support characters early, as DPS characters will probably come and go (and might experience some power creep).

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Good luck out there!

Eversoul is available on AndroidiOS, and emulators like BlueStacks.

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