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First impressions: Neural Cloud

Neural Cloud is now available. Here’s what we think about the new mobile game so far.
neural cloud logo
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Neural Cloud is the latest strategy RPG to hit the mobile space and we’ve been diving in to see if the game is worth your time.

Based on the Girls Frontline IP, the new mobile game features some stellar artwork and interesting mechanics. But what about the gameplay?

We’ve been playing the game on BlueStacks to learn more about it and decide if it will become one of our main games.

Overall impressions of Neural Cloud

We’ve been impressed with the game so far. The story is interesting enough, and we are loving the character models.

A slow start

neural cloud tutorial
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Our biggest gripe with the game so far is how long it takes to really get started. Mobile games have a habit of long, drawn-out intros, and this is no exception.

Neural Cloud blends both early story and tutorials. And, quite frankly, it’s pretty annoying. If your time is limited, we recommend waiting until you can really sit down with the game and dive in.

Otherwise, you might find yourself really confused early on.

Graphics and sound

Neural Cloud knocks it out of the park in terms of character design and overall look. On both BlueStacks and iPhone, we’ve been extremely impressed on this front.

Equally, the beginning music and cinematic is impressive and definitely got us excited thanks to its anime-like intro.

In-game, the chibi models are fine, but nothing exceptional. The grid-based gameplay, however, is clean, and we appreciate how clear the actual gameplay is.

ultimate skill animation
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Additionally, the ultimate skill animations are top-notch and really appreciated.

Finally, navigating the various menus and the game’s many screens is lightning fast. There is basically no lag between slides and screens and we’ve really appreciated that so far.

User interface

neural cloud bluestacks
Credit: MobileBytesGG

As with many mobile games, the UI feels pretty cramped in places. That also makes things a bit confusing, especially for people starting out.

To plug BlueStacks again, it’s a great reason to play on the Android emulator if you have the option. The bigger screen and mouse/keyboard controls have been great for Neural Cloud so far.

Even in menus that aren’t overly cramped, the small text in places was definitely easier to read when playing through the Android emulator on PC.

If that isn’t an option, the UI definitely isn’t a reason not to play. You just might find yourself selecting the wrong menu or character from time to time.

Is Neural Cloud a strategy game?

neural cloud gameplay bluestacks
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Neural Cloud positions itself as a strategy game, and we would have to agree with that assessment.

That said, it does follow the typical auto-chess formula. That means positioning your units prior to battle and then letting them fight it out against the AI opponent.

You do have some options during battle, like using Ultimate abilities and certain other skills. But, you’ll mainly set up the battlefield and monitor from above.

We haven’t had enough time to really dive into the system yet, but we do definitely see the strategic elements shining through so far.

Action does get a bit muddled on screen at times, but this is something that improves as you get more familiar with the game.

Stamina seems fine… so far

In mobile games like this, stamina limits are used to keep players from progressing too quickly (or at least gate progress monetarily).

So far, we’ve been fine with the stamina system in Neural Cloud. But, we’re still in the early game, so our opinions might change in the future.

Unique elements that keep the game interesting

functions menu
Credit: MobileBytesGG

One thing that we’re really enjoying in the game so far is the Functions system.

Essentially, this is a card-based system that you build throughout different mission sets in the game.

They provide a ton of different perks for you and help decide how you strategically want to approach different missions.

Neural Cloud monetization

neural cloud 3 star characters
Credit: Neural Cloud

We’re too early into our experience to really know if the game will be predatory or pay-to-win.

That said, the game has been available in China for months and so far, players are saying Neural Cloud isn’t pay-to-win.

Should you play Neural Cloud?

Ultimately, when playing mobile games, most players have to stick to one or two games. Otherwise, the time requirements become too much.

So far, we can definitely see the potential of Neural Cloud. We love the character art and the auto-chess system is engaging and interesting.

Time will tell if we stick with it, but if you are looking for a new main game, it’s definitely worth trying out. There’s no better time to start a mobile game than its launch.

Neural Cloud is available on both Android and iOS. We recommend downloading it on BlueStacks and playing it that way. The larger screen and more fine-tuned controls make it worth it.

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