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Front Mission 2089: Borderscape is a new strategy game featuring giant mechs

We will never turn down a giant mech game. Never.
front mission 2089 borderscape mech
Credit: Square Enix

Strategy RPGs (SPRGs) aren’t the most popular mobile games out there, so when a new global release is announced, fans get excited. Such is the case with Front Mission 2089: Borderscape from Zlongame and Square Enix.

This SRPG was first announced in April, but we never had the chance to cover it. Now, new closed beta footage of the mobile game has released, and we have to say, we’re excited.

Mobile platforms are perfect for these types of strategy games and mechs are extremely badass. It’s a match made in heaven.

Check out the closed beta test footage for Front Mission 2089: Borderscape:

The Front Mission IP has been around for literal decades. First released in 1995, Front Mission has been on multiple consoles and provides players plenty of tactical mech goodness.

From the footage above, it looks like Front Mission 2089: Borderscape has some solid potential as a strategy/tactical RPG. There seems to be a gear system (which hopefully isn’t too grindy) and battle animations look very polished.

Pre-registration for Front Mission 2089: Borderscape is now open on both Android and iOS. You can head to this link to pre-register. But don’t hold your breath, there’s no release date for global at this time.

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