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Do Ghost-types in Pokémon Go spawn more in graveyards?

It makes sense to have increased spawn rates for Ghost-types in cemeteries – but is that the case?
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Credit: MobileBytesGG

Pokémon Go brings Pokémon into the real world, but does that mean you should expect to find more Ghost-type Pokémon in graveyards?

We’ll cut to the chase. No, there is not an increased amount of Ghost Pokémon in graveards.

While that is a really interesting thought, it ultimately would be a bad idea.

Graveyards are a sacred, special spot for many people. Having those private moments interrupted by a Hundo Gastly would be a terrible look for both the players and the game’s developer, Niantic.

Some locations do have increased spawn rates

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Certain Pokémon do have limited spawn locations, and others have an increased chance to spawn around certain geographical features.

For example, water biomes (rivers, lakes, etc.) have an increased chance of spawning Water-type Pokémon.

But, graveyards are not considered a special location.

Additionally, recent map updates have improved spawns for rural players, but again, that doesn’t affect graveyards in Pokémon Go.

How to keep Pokémon Go players out of your cemetery

If you own a graveyard and would prefer to keep players out, you actually have that option.

While it is seemingly impossible to completely stop Pokémon from spawning, you can have any gyms or PokéStops removed from your cemetery.

You can send a request to Niantic to have them remove the point of interest.

Once you email them, you’ll need to provide some documentation to prove you have the authority to request the removal.

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