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Google Play Games brings mobile games directly to PC

Google is taking mobile games seriously.
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Credit: MobileBytesGG

Google is serious about mobile games. Now, the company is introducing Google Play Games to bring mobile games to PC.

This new beta, available in the US and other select locations, brings your favorite mobile games directly to your PC. Think of this as an alternative to BlueStacks and other similar Android emulators.

That said, we expect that Google’s official offering will be more restrictive, as games have to be optimized for PC.

Google states on the beta website that it “optimize[s] every game for PC in collaboration with the developer.”

This means that it is unlikely you’ll be able to download every game available on the Play Store, which means existing emulators still have a place.

But, that said, it also means we can expect great keyboard and mouse support and maybe even better controller support.

Google Play Games will make hopping from device to device a breeze

google play games on multiple devices
Credit: Google

With Google Play Games, players will be able to have a seamless mobile game experience across multiple devices

“Sync your progress and game library across devices with a single sign-in to your Google account. Start playing on your phone, switch to your PC, then pick up on your phone again.”


Again, this is possible with existing Android emulators, but this is an “official” Google experience.

We’re currently in the process of downloading the beta and will give our initial impressions as soon as possible.

The Google Play Games beta is currently available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

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