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Can’t purchase the Great Storage Box in Pokémon Go from the Niantic Store? You’re not alone

Niantic’s online Store often has good deals, but if you can’t buy them then what’s the point?
great storage box niantic store pokemon go
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Update 9/20/23 (2 PM EST): Sadly, the Great Storage Box bundle from the Niantic Store for Pokémon Go as now been removed.

We’ll continue to monitor the Store to see if it returns.

If you have been trying to purchase the $5 Great Storage Box from the Niantic Store in Pokémon Go, but you get a grey box and an error, you’re not alone.

We have had the same issue and have been troubleshooting the item to learn more.

We’ll cut to the chase – we don’t know why players are unable to purchase the box in the Niantic Store at this time. The error we receive is that the purchase would put us above the maximum storage limit. This isn’t true – we’re only at 1,700 total storage. Currently, the max Pokémon storage is 6,800.

Other players receive no errors, but the purchase button is greyed out.

pokemon go niantic store great storage box
Credit: MobileBytesGG

During this time, we’ve tested many theories as to why the Pokémon Go bundle doesn’t work and we’ve come up empty on everyone. We’ve tried clearing out more Inventory spots to make room for the Incubators and Battle Passes.

We’ve also tried resetting our browser cache, using different browsers (both desktop and mobile), and even tried using a different account. Sadly, nothing has worked and we are still unable to purchase the Great Storage Box.

It’s a shame because the box is a decent deal. It includes 3 Premium Battle Passes, 1 Pokémon Storage upgrade, and 3 Super Incubators. The Niantic Store often has better Box deals than the app, but if it isn’t going to work, then what’s the point?

We’ll continue to test different ideas and update this post accordingly regarding the Great Storage Box in Pokémon Go. We’ve also reached out to Niantic to support to see if they can provide more information.

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