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Hit mobile game Guardian Tales comes to Nintendo Switch in October

Guardian Tales is extremely popular and this will only help it grow.
guardian tales on nintendo switch logo showing characters
Credit: Kong Studios

Guardian Tales is one of the more popular mobile games out there and now the hit gacha game is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

If you have had issues with Guardian Tales‘ touchscreen controls in the past, this Switch release might be just for you.

Officially announced this week, Guardian Tales is a mobile RPG that offers crisp action and puzzle gameplay and takes plenty of inspiration from classic games like Legend of Zelda.

The Switch release will be F2P and will most likely follow the same monetization structure as the current mobile game.

It should also be noted that the game is one of the most popular mobile games out there, adding to the Switch release hype.

As it normally goes with mobile games, there will be plenty of launch rewards for players.

These include 100 free summons, free premium currency, and more. Players will also gain access to a special Rose Knight skin and a 3-star Fantasy sword. Finally, launch rewards will include a whole character in the form of the SR unit, Aoba.

Guardian Tales officially hits the Nintendo Switch on October 4th. You can pre-register by heading to this link or by going directly to the Nintendo link.

UPDATE: Read our early impressions of Guardian Tales on the Nintendo Switch here.

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