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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened gets global launch trailer

Hogwarts and Diagon Alley look amazing.
harry potter: magic awakened gameplay
Credit: Warner Bros. Games

Harry Potter is one of the most loved series of all time (even if J.K. Rowling has taken a fall from grace). Now, Warner Bros. Games and Portkey Games have released a global launch trailer for the upcoming mobile game, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

If this game hasn’t hit your radar yet, it’s honestly not that surprising. We completely missed it also, but now Warner Bros. Games has released a global launch trailer for the collectible card (CCG) and RPG game.

You can check out the Harry Potter: Magic Awakened trailer here:

But what about the gameplay in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened? It looks interesting, honestly. It’s a CCG, so that means collecting a ton of different spell cards that can be used during gameplay.

It’s the ability to explore Hogwarts and Diagon Alley, however, that really has us excited. The world looks gorgeous and players can purchase wands and change their clothes and more. And don’t forget the Sorting Hat!

harry potter magic awakened gameplay with hagrid
Credit: Warner Bros. Games

There are also Quidditch matches and potion brewing minigames. Warner Bros. Games really seems to be going all-out on this one, so it will really just come down to marketing and getting players engaged early. The Harry Potter IP is huge, so the hard part is out of the way.

The game is also getting a collaboration event with Fantastic Beasts, but honestly, is that really all that surprising?

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened will be available for Android and PC at first, but it seems that an iOS version is also planned for the future. You can preregister for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened on Android by clicking on this link.