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Should you pull on the beginner banner in Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail offers a beginner banner for players to pull for characters, but is it actually worth it?
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Many gacha games offer a beginner or starter banner to players. Honkai: Star Rail’s Departure Starter Warp is the same thing, but should you pull on it?

We’ll cut to the chase – yes, we believe you should pull on the Beginner/Departure Warp in Honkai: Star Rail. We will break down the reasoning below.

Star Rail’s beginner banner is called a Departure Warp. It’s similar to Genshin Impact’s Beginners banner.

The Departure Warp seems like a good deal on the surface, offering a discount on up to five 10-pulls.

And, unlike Genshin Impact’s Beginner banner, this one is actually worth it.

Why we recommend pulling on the Star Rail Departure Warp

honkai star rail departure beginner warp banner
Credit: MobileBytesGG

In gacha games, many modern offerings provide players with a pity system. Essentially, this is a guarantee that players will pull a rare unit every X number of pulls.

Normally, beginner banners offer a slim chance at great units and also don’t count towards your overall pity.

The same can be said for Star Rail, but it offers enough incentives that make it worth it.

bronya character in star rail
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Star Rail’s Departure Warp (banner) can only be pulled on five times (the banner only offers 10-pulls, but they are all at a discount of 20%).

But, with those five 10-pulls, you are guaranteed a 5-star character within the fifty total pulls.

This alone makes it worth pulling on the banner, and the discount is just icing on the top.

Those interested in rerolling their account multiple times might find this banner worthwhile, as well. But, that said, we don’t recommend rerolling your Honkai: Star Rail account.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available iOS, Android, PC, and PlayStation.

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