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How do you unlock cards in Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap is great fun, but how do you unlock new cards? Does it cost money?
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Marvel Snap is a very F2P-friendly mobile game, but that begs the question – how do you unlock cards in the game?

Considering how predatory digital card games can be (looking at you, MTG), you might be hesitant to dive into this offering from Marvel.

And we don’t blame you! Often, big IP games can be dirty cash grabs, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Marvel Snap.

In fact, you can unlock basically all of the cards for free in the game. We’ll break it down below.

Everything to know about unlocking cards in Marvel Snap

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We’ll go into a bit more depth, but if you are looking for a quick answer:

You can unlock almost every card in Marvel Snap just by playing the game.

Players should note that a $10 season pass does give buyers a handful of additional cards, but the majority are available to everyone.

How to unlock cards in Marvel Snap

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To unlock cards in Marvel Snap, you’re going to want to keep an eye on your Missions tab and Collections tab (shown above).

You’ll gain credits and XP from Missions that are used to advance your Collection level. The Collection tree has hundreds of levels, and each level gives rewards like credits and new cards.

Some cards are set, but other mystery card levels provide players with a random card.

Upgrading your cards to new levels will also improve your Collection tree ranking. So, because of that, you’re going to want to continue upgrading cards.

This is going to be the best way to grind cards in Marvel Snap and should provide you with hours of gameplay and deck-building.

What are pools, and what do they mean?

If you and your friends are all playing Marvel Snap, you’ve probably noticed you unlock similar cards, but not always the exact same ones.

This is because the game uses a pool system to determine what cards you can get while upgrading your Collection Level.

In each pool, there is a select number of cards you have the chance of drawing.

Once you reach a new milestone in the Collection Level, you’ll have collected all the cards in that pool and upgraded to another pool of cards.

QUICK ANSWER: Pool 1 goes from Collection Level 18-221. Pool 2 is 222-486. And Pool 3 is 487+.

We break down each pool in a dedicated post, which you can find here.

You can spend money to buy a select number of card upgrades each day

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It is important to note here that players can spend real money to buy a digital currency in Marvel Snap that lets them update three cards every eight hours.

That currency, Credits, can also be earned through playing the game, but at a slower pace.

As rarity levels on cards increase, players’ Collection Tree increases faster, giving them access to more cards.

This does mean that motivated players can spend money to increase their level slowly.

How to use Collector Tokens to unlock cards

marvel snap collector token shop
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The latest system introduced in Marvel Snap to unlock cards is called Collector Tokens.

These can be found in the caches you earn as a reward in the Collection Level section. These caches are unlocked once you reach level 500.

Collector Tokens can be saved up and used for new cards (not variants) in the Token Shop. At present, it looks like new cards cost between 1000 and 3000 Tokens.

The Shop will rotate through different options, but you can lock the Shop in place in case you see a card you really want but can’t afford yet.

Bundles can be purchased for cards

marvel snap bundle example
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Occasionally, Marvel Snap offers players bundles for real money and gold.

These can be purchased to unlock card variants, which can give you new cards if you don’t have them already.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, the main takeaway of this piece is that unlocking cards in Marvel Snap comes from playing the game, but you do have options to advance a bit more quickly.

Working on your collection tree and leveling up your current cards are the best way to unlock new cards.

Marvel Snap is available on AndroidiOS, BlueStacks, and Steam.

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