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How often does Pokémon Go have Community Day?

Community Day is one of the best events in Pokémon Go, but how often can you expect them?
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Pokémon Go has maintained a solid player base for six years now. One way developer Niantic has been able to accomplish that is by constantly providing players with events to keep them coming back – including the beloved Community Day. But just how often does Pokémon Go have Community Day?

Community Day is a great opportunity for players to get out in their favorite parks and catch a bunch of shiny Pokémon. It also typically provides missions and other bonuses that make it extra appealing for players. Some Community Days are better than others, but even bad ones are pretty fun.

Just how often can you have that fun, however. Does Niantic host these special days often or is it a rare occasion?

How often do Community Days happen in Pokémon Go?

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Credit: Niantic

Pokémon Go Community Day takes place once a month. They take place on Saturday or Sunday and typically last for three hours. That time frame is 11 AM – 2 PM local time.

While Niantic does a pretty good job of keeping them spaced out evenly, it’s not always an exact four weeks between events.

Has Community Day always been one day in Pokémon Go?

In past years, Niantic has explored different types of Community Days. While newer players may only be familiar with the one-day, three-hour window, it hasn’t always been that way

Some events have lasted for longer periods of time and others have spanned two days. Those events were loved by most players, but others complained that they felt pressured to play longer than maybe they would have otherwise.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Niantic is interested in those longer Community Days anymore, but that could always change in the future.

Special Community Day moves

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While shiny Pokémon are definitely the most exciting part of Community Day, it’s not the only major perk.

For players that take Raids and PVP seriously, Community Day offers trainers the chance to catch rare Pokémon that feature special moves only available on that day.

For example, a recent event saw Galarian Zigzagoon get a special charged move that is awesome in Great League PVP.

Catch the next Community Day for shiny Pokémon, XP bonuses, and more

Pokémon Go Community Day is a staple of the mobile game and something we imagine being around for the entirety of the game’s lifespan.

For some players, it is the only chance they have to truly play with their local communities. For others, it is their chance to get special Pokémon that aren’t only shiny, but have special moves, as well.

Overall, it’s a great event and we can’t wait to see what Niantic has in store for the future.

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