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How popular are mobile games?

Billions of people play mobile games.
pubg mobile on phone
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Mobile gaming is larger than many consumers realize. Games on various mobile devices have garnered over 50 percent of all gaming revenue. These stats are taken from 2020, and it was taken on a global scale, meaning it considered every country in the world.

There are 2.69 billion mobile gamers as of 2022. The revenue for mobile games in 2021 was over 6 billion dollars. The pandemic shut down many things around the globe and people were bored and needed entertainment.

This need was satisfied by the accessibility of mobile games, including puzzle games, gacha games, RPGs, and more.

About 84 percent of the world, or 6.6 billion people, own a smartphone of some kind. This means a majority of the world has access to mobile games.

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As time goes on and the pandemic still impacts countless lives, the need for entertainment continues to increase.

Now that big companies are putting more time and effort into mobile games, like Roblox, the quality is improving. With the quality improving, so are ratings. Ratings lead to more players, and more players lead to more sales, thus making the mobile gaming industry a huge success.

The future of mobile games

tower of fantasy mmo world
Credit: Hotta Studios

With gaming events such as esports gaining more popularity, it’s safe to assume mobile gaming will rise with it.

There are billions of mobile gamers. Additionally, statistics show that by 2023, the total revenue is set to surpass the 100 billion dollar milestone.

Gaming companies have moved many of their console games to mobile to increase profitability. Examples of this include Fortnite and PUBG. They wouldn’t do this if they didn’t see a future in the mobile gaming industry.

Additionally, game developers are creating large, impressive games with mobile in mind. Take Genshin Impact for example. The game is ridiculously polished. And that polish is paying off for the game’s developer, HoYoverse. Their 2021 revenue was nearly $2 billion.

Look at console and PC gaming as a comparison. All other platforms combined still haven’t made as much revenue as mobile gaming. There is an estimated 75 percent increase in gameplay activity that will remain and possibly grow over the coming years.

Gaming is not like the car market where it’s very unpredictable. Gaming is a staple in modern culture, and mobile gaming is becoming a part of that. Worldwide, gaming is extremely popular and that will not be slowing down anytime soon, if ever.

All these factors point to gaming staying a worldwide phenomenon, and mobile gaming is going to follow suit due to the accessibility and the entertainment value the mobile industry possesses.

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