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How to check ping in Genshin Impact

Ping is a solid indicator of how good your connection in multiplayer is.
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Genshin Impact is a great gacha game whether you are playing alone or with friends. But if you do plan on playing multiplayer, knowing if your ping is up to par is pretty important.

Ping, at a very basic level, shows how good your connection is and can be a huge indicator when it comes to detecting lag and other issues in a Genshin multiplayer session.

You might have noticed issues with it before from other players. If you’ve ever been in a Domain and noticed a teammate skipping around, it’s possible their connection was bad.

On the flip side, it’s sometimes hard to know if your own ping is bad because of how servers work. It’s a pretty complicated thing, and honestly, not worth looking at too deep. But the point is, sometimes it seems things are fine on your end, when they really aren’t.

What you do want to know about, however, is how to check your ping in Genshin Impact. Knowing this can help ensure your multiplayer sessions happen smoothly and without issue.

How to check ping in Genshin Impact (PC)

If you prefer to play on PC, checking your ping can be accomplished in a snap.

Thankfully, ping in Genshin Impact is shown by default. This is nice, as it lets you gauge your internet connection before jumping into multiplayer.

To find your ping, simply look for the Traveler icon in the top-righ corner. Under it, you’ll see a bar graph followed by a number and ms.

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The number shows, in milliseconds, how long it takes a packet (information) to get to the server. 20 ms is a good speed and should allow for smooth gameplay.

If your ping is showing as yellow or red, then you may experience some issues with multiplayer. This status will also be represented by the number of bars you see. One bar is weak connection, two bars is acceptable, and three is good.

If you are going off the color of the status indicator, yellow-level ping is acceptable, and red represents a weak connection.

How to check ping in Genshin Impact (Mobile)

For mobile players, checking your ping is equally as straightforward.

One good thing about Genshin Impact’s ping meter is that you can typically always check your connection. This way, you can know ahead of time if you want to try for a multiplayer session.

Open up the game (single player or multiplayer), and look in the upper-right-hand side under the icon of the Traveler. You should see a bar and then numbers followed by ms.

how to check ping in genshin impact mobile
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If you see a green graph (three vertical bars), then you have a solid ping and should be fine for multiplayer gaming.

The number shows, in milliseconds, how long it takes a packet (information) to get to the server. 17 ms, for example, is a great time.

If your ping is showing as yellow or red, then you may experience some issues with multiplayer. Typically, yellow-level ping is fine, but red can be a struggle.

How to lower ping in Genshin Impact

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If you have noticed issues, you do have some options when it comes to improving your ping in Genshin Impact. Most of these are standard internet checklist type things, but still worth the refresher.

First, make sure your game and phone/PC are up to date with the latest software updates.

Next, close out any programs, YouTube videos, or apps that you have running in the background. This can be a huge hog of resources. It could also be why your game is running poorly.

If you are trying to play on a different server from your home location, you could have issues with ping. This isn’t something you can easily change in Genshin Impact (without starting a new account), but still worth mentioning.

Check to see if any other programs are downloading updates while you are playing. If so, pause them. Downloads can be a huge resource drain.

Genshin Impact is fun alone or with friends – as long as ping isn’t an issue

At the end of the day, Genshin is a fun game made even more fun when playing with friends. Knowing your ping in Genshin Impact can help ensure that multiplayer sessions go smoothly.

If you are having ping issues, make sure to do the things outlined above, like closing programs and updating your hardware and game.

Good luck out there in your Domains! Hopefully, your drops are plentiful, and you only roll crit stats.

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