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How to download games on BlueStacks

Want to play mobile games on PC? Here’s how to download games on BlueStacks.
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BlueStacks is a powerful Android emulator for mobile games, but if you are just starting, you will want to know how to download games.

Don’t worry, we’ll break down exactly how to download mobile games to your PC. Mac users will have a more difficult time, but you can head here to learn more about that.

We’ll get right into the how-to guide for BlueStacks below. But, if you are interested in more details, use the table of contents above to navigate to different sections quickly.

How to download games on BlueStacks

Downloading games on BlueStacks can be overwhelming for newcomers.

  1. Navigate to the BlueStacks download page

    Select BlueStacks 5 and choose your versionbluestacks 5 install page

  2. Follow the prompts and finish the installation

  3. Once complete

    You should be met with a similar screen when you load BlueStacksbluestacks loading screen

  4. Attach your Google account to BlueStacks

    If you don’t get a prompt to log into your Google account on launch, click Play Storeplay store icon on screen

  5. Sign in to your Google account

    Here, you’ll need to log into your Google account of choice

  6. Find the game you want to play

    From there, use the search box to locate the game you want to playbluestacks play store search box

  7. Click Install to add the game to your BlueStacks homescreenmarvel snap on bluestacks

Once you click Install, the game will be added to your BlueStacks homescreen.

You can navigate back there anytime by using either the Home icon or the tray icon to navigate between windows within BlueStacks.

home and tray icons on emulator
Credit: MobileBytesGG

That covers the basics of downloading games on BlueStacks, but if you are trying to download a BlueStacks game from a direct link, keep reading below for troubleshooting tips.

marvel snap on bluestacks
Credit: MobileBytesGG

If you’ve been directed to install a game directly on BlueStacks, then the process works just a slight bit differently.

To be honest, it can be a bit confusing as you expect it to act one way, but it doesn’t.

If you’ve been given a direct link to install a game on BlueStacks (from YouTube videos, buying guides, etc.), then you’ll be presented with a webpage like the above.

When you click Play Game on PC, BlueStacks will try to install itself. Thankfully, if you already have BlueStacks, you’ll just get a prompt that it is trying to update.

Once that is complete, the webpage will open up BlueStacks for you. Depending on your version (BlueStacks 5 vs BlueStacks 10), it will try to download the game.

If it doesn’t auto-download, just follow the steps outlined in the previous section to install the game on your copy of BlueStacks.

Why can’t I find a game on BlueStacks?

bluestacks multi-instance-manager
Credit: MobileBytesGG

If you’ve ever been excited to play a new game on BlueStacks, but couldn’t find it in the Play Store, we feel your pain. We’ve been there.

The reason you sometimes can’t find games on BlueStacks is that you are using the wrong instance. Some games require 32-bit Android, while others require 64-bit installs.

When looking at the Play Store, Google takes into account which version you are using to display available games.

If you don’t see a game, consider switching to another instance and see if it is available.

It’s also possible that the game isn’t available on the Play Store. If you want to check other marketplaces, we highly recommend TapTap for that.

BlueStacks is a great way to play mobile games

At the end of the day, BlueStacks is one of our favorite Android emulators for playing games on PC.

If you have been looking to dive into it, we hope this quick guide has explained how to find and download games directly to your PC through BlueStacks.

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