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How to get rid of the red notification dot in Marvel Snap

That dot just sits there and taunts you – here’s how to remove it.
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Credit: MobileBytesGG

Have you loaded up Marvel Snap recently and noticed an annoying red dot over the Settings (gear icon) menu? You’re not alone.

This annoying blip has plagued us for the past day, but we finally figured out what was causing it. The culprit? The Report Player feature.

For most people, the red dot over the Gear icon is mostly likely a follow-up message on a Marvel Snap report chat thread.

If you’ve ever reported a player for an inappropriate nickname, you know that Marvel Snap’s reporting system isn’t the best.

When you report someone, it opens up a new chat thread with their support. For most people, you’ll finish the report and then forget about it.

Well, that red dot is to alert you that support has responded to your report. We’ll show you how to check that report below.

How to check a Marvel Snap report and remove the red notification dot

To get rid of the annoying notification, you’ll need to head to Marvel Snap Support from Settings.

Time needed: 1 minute

Thankfully, getting rid of the dot can be accomplished in just a couple of taps

  1. Get to Settings

    First, tap on the Gear Icon to open up Settingsmarvel snap home screen

  2. Scroll down and tap on Player Supportplayer support menu option

  3. Now you’re in Player Support

    Once on this screen, tap on the message bubble in the top-right cornermarvel snap support page

  4. The final steps

    Now, you should be in a message thread detailing your most recent report and any updates it has receivedsupport conversation

  5. Check the report and simply back out of Marvel Snap Support page and the red dot will be gone

Once you get back to the home screen, the annoying red dot should be gone. For most players, that will solve the issue, but that’s not always the case.

If it doesn’t solve it for you, we recommend checking out the Privacy and Terms of Service menus as well to make sure nothing has changed there.

Now that the red dot is gone, you can once again focus on making the best Nimrod deck possible in Marvel Snap.

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