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How to pre-register for Archeland (and CBT)

Zlongame has opened up pre-registration for its new sRPG, Archeland.
archeland screen showing character and logo
Credit: Zlongame

If you’ve been craving a new sRPG, Archeland is shaping up to be a great mobile game. Now, to build the hype even more, you can pre-register for Archeland.

Archeland has been gaining momentum for a couple of months now, with its first trailer really getting mobile gamers excited.

Mobile gaming has been huge in 2022, but one genre lagging behind is strategy-focused games. Archeland could change that.

If you want to make sure you are alerted to all the updates and launch rewards, follow along as we walk you through the pre-registration process on Archeland.

How to pre-register for Archeland (2022)

Time needed: 2 minutes

Pre-registering for Archeland shows the developers how many people are interested in the game. On top of that, pre-registering usually comes with (or unlocks) rewards.

  1. Head to Archeland’s website

    First, head to this link and wait for the animations to finish

  2. Once the animation finishes, you should see this screen. Click the highlighted buttonarcheland home screen with button

  3. Select your operating system, enter your phone number, agree to the terms, and hit Acceptpre-registration requirements for archeland

  4. Success!

    You’ll get a confirmation confirming your registration

That’s it, you’ve now successfully pre-registered for Archeland.

Hopefully, as more people pre-register, Zlongame (the developers) will be more willing to let us in on possible release timeframes.

Please note that this isn’t for early access. For that, you’ll want to keep reading.

Archeland pre-registration errors

One issue you might encounter when entering your information regards your phone number. Sadly, it looks like the screen isn’t meant for just anybody.

The 010 prefix leads us to believe that pre-registration is only open for Japanese players at this time. Hopefully, Zlongame updates its sign-up form to include more locations soon.

If you are looking for other strategy RPGs to dive into, Alchemy Stars is a solid option and available to play right now.

How to sign up for the Archeland CBT test

archeland screenshot showing grid
Credit: Zlongame

If you want to sign up for the Archeland CBT (closed-beta test), you’ll need to head to this link and follow the prompts.

The application period lasts from Sept 22 through October 12. You’ll most likely need a Korean Google Play account to access it.

According to new reports, the CBT will start on October 12, the same day the application period ends. We have applied, but don’t have high hopes that we’ll be accepted.

arceland cbt test message
Credit: Reddit

New information: As of October 11, Archeland developer Zlongame has started sending out invites for the Closed-Beta Test. If our math is right, the beta test is now live.

We’ll continue to update this post and our main Archeland post as information is made available.

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